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When designing a battery pack for a ferry, the charging facilities must be considered. The type and size of the battery together with the power capacity of the grid determines the charging time and thus the time schedule for the ferry. We provide charging stations for 64 Amp slow charging over-night up to 1 500 kW supercharging for some 10 minutes from quay or from a floating pontoon and with manual or automatic connection.

Complete charging station will be delivered by Callenberg 

BB Green 1.0


Three types of drivelines are suited for BB Green: Battery, Hybrid or Fuel cell.

The original BB Green has an electric driveline powered by LTO batteries only. The vessel can operate at full speed for some 30 minutes and recharge in less than 15 minutes. This is suitable for routes less than 14 nautical miles.

For longer distances and when there are no charging facilities on the route, a hybrid version might be the solution. A diesel generator provides the main power to the electric motors while the small battery pack is used in harbour areas.

A hybrid version can easily be converted into a fuel cell driven. Already today it is possible to install a fuel cell system that can support the vessel for 4 hours at full speed.

Echandia Marine is the supplier of the different drivelines for BB Green to shipyards.  

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