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This is BB Green

BB Green is an EU funded development project that resulted in the realisation of the BB Green Air Supported Vessel "AiriEl" that runs on an air cushion and thus uses 40 % less power than a traditional high-speed catamaran.

Based on BB Green, Green City Ferries can today provide complete waterborne traffic solutions that are emission free and outperforms conventional ferries in operational costs.


The new BB GREEN 24

The highspeed emission free commuter

Commuting in cities calls for fast and frequent transport.
Big slow ferries do not fill the requirements. After having tested the BB Green 20 with potential customers we have decided to launch the new BB Green 24.
The vessels uses 40% less effect than a carbon fiber catamaran.

Lenght 24 m
147 passengers + bikes
Carbon fiber ASV vessel
Electric superchgarging in 8-12min
Speed 30 knots
Distance 15 nm/charge
100% Emission free
Design Sculli Studios
Complete vessel will be delivered by TBS Yard

BB Green 1.0


The world’s first high speed electrical ferry

AiriEl is the name of the prototype which is being used as a demo vessel. Leaving Riga in September 2016, the tour went to Stockholm for launching. Then through Göta Canal to Gothenburg, continuing to Sandefjord, Norway where the vessel is currently moored.

AiriEl has been used primarily for test and trials and many potential customers has gone for a ride and experienced its soft yet train-like ride comfort. They have also given their feed-back about the vessel that will be considered when BB Green comes into production.

The ASV hull is extremely energy efficient which is partly shown by the wake wash: Only 16 cm wave hight at full speed.
More about the vessel at

The 20 m vessel can carry 80 passengers.



The world´s first supercharged ferry

In 2013, the Swedish system integrator Echandia Marine was granted € 1 M from the Swedish Power Agency. The challenge was to start passenger traffic with an electric ferry. The shipping company Green City Ferries was founded and the 54 year old 98 passenger ferry Movitz was bought and retrofitted with NiMH batteries and electric pods.
A charging station was built and established in the Old Town of Stockholm. In September 2014 E/S Movitz was launched as the world’s first supercharged ferry – operate for an hour and recharge in 10 minutes.

Movitz has now been retrofitted with Echandia Marines new LTO Battery system based on Toshiba’s Lithium-Titanium-Oxide cells. 

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