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Urbanization is a global phenomenon and increased commuting is a consequence as long as people want to get into city centers. Building new or widening existing roads will not solve the problem. To leave the car for public transport might not get you faster to your goal, because the buses use the same roads. Now, as many cities are located at waterways, there might be an opportunity to use them for fast commuting.



Using the inland waterways is a part solution to the traffic congestion. But it must be green. If green city ferries shall increase their market share in the urban commuting market they have to be competitive. The electric high-speed ferries outperform their diesel driven colleagues by having no emission and only a fraction of the energy costs.


we provide waterborne traffic solutions !

Emission free traffic solutions means not only electric vessels but an infrastructure that provides electricity or hydrogen. Electricity is should be fairly easy as there is usually a powerful grid in the cities. Hydrogen will be much more difficult to implement. Charging power needed as well as dimensioning of the battery pack depends on the route or rather the operational profile.

Green City ferries can conduct a pre-study on what is needed to go operational and green.
It will cover number and sizes of ferries and charging stations, charging power and battery size, time table (considering charging), economy and emission reduction.


and three ways to go green



Green City Ferries and Partners can deliver the complete traffic solution along with services like instant repair, maintenance, monitoring batteries etc.



Green City Ferries owns the ferries and can offer bareboat charter for different periods of time.



Green City Ferries offers a complete service package with full operations in JV with local operators.


    Green City Ferries was started by a team of people with a shared passion for electric waterborne transport and all its wonderful qualities: silence, zero-emissions, clean air: a calm and invigorating travel experience. Together we decided to take steps to change the world.
    In 2014, Green City Ferries announces the world’s first supercharged passenger ferry Movitz at a time when batteries are not on the agenda for ferries. In 2016, Green City Ferries announces the world’s fastest supercharged ferry BB Green when batteries are accepted but not for high-speed ferries. In 2018, the new high-performance LTO battery system for BB Green is introduced to the market.
    It all began in 2013 when the Swedish Power Authority granted € 1 M for the realization of an electric passenger ferry in operations, which lead to the retrofit of the Movitz ferry. The following year, we joined the BB Green project funded through EU:s FP 7 program as system integrator and responsible for the driveline. Following the completion in 2016, EU decides to fund further refinement and market introduction of BB Green through the Horizon 2020 SME program. First delivery is expected in 2020.
    In 2015, we received the award “Engineer of the year” at the Electric and Hybrid Marine Expo. Two years later, Green City Ferries receives the “Propulsion System of the Year” award for the BB Green driveline. In 2018 Green City Ferries wins Stena’s Propeller Prize.

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